Privacy policy

  • When you sign up for our database, we will ask for demographic and other information. This information will only be used by researchers registered with ESSEXLab when choosing participants to invite for their studies and will not be made available to any other organization. Additionally, it will only be used for selecting subjects for experiments, informing subjects about upcoming experiments, and monitoring attendance at booked experimental sessions.
  • In future, we may link demographic data from the participant database to data generated during experiments. If so, this will be done in such a way as to preserve your anonymity and you will be informed of this change by email.
  • The participant database is stored in the UK Data Archive‚Äôs secure servers on the University campus, which are certified to international data security standards.
  • Decisions taken by participants during experimental sessions will be recorded by the computer software. These decisions will always remain anonymous, unless otherwise stated during the session. Payments will be made privately and confidentially.
  • All research done in the Lab has passed ethical requirements, including requirements for confidentiality. See the University of Essex's ethical procedures here.
  • Some of the personal details we request are optional. You do not have to provide them, but be aware that certain studies may require screening by demographic information and as a result you may not be invited to those studies that require that information to qualify you as a participant (example: a researcher is interested in studying only senior citizens).
  • You are entitled to remove your data from the participant database at any time. To do so, please contact the Laboratory Manager.